FastTrack Overview

FastTrack is a revolutionary platform comprised of wireless RFID/IR technology that increases patient satisfaction, and optimizes practice efficiency; leading to positive economic outcomes for the enterprise. The technology works in combination with your current office systems to allow for optimization of your overall practice efficiency.

Increase Patient Volume, Decrease Wait Time, Maximize Efficiency

Practice Efficiency

FastTrack increases the efficiency of the practice by implementing a proprietary software platform utilizing wireless technology and RFID/IR tag tracking. The platform allows for the following:

Patient Flow

  • – Increased speed of patient processing
  • – Systemized efficiency by notifying staff members via paging system & LED lights outside of patient care rooms, which staff member is needed

User Interface

  •  Tablets, Desktop Dashboards & Map-Views provide the location of all staff members and patients; along with patient waiting times, diagnosis and basic medical information


  • – Robust reporting functionality with data export as an excel spreadsheet or a pdf
  • – Reports include: staff efficiencies, page response time, time spent with patients by staff member, length of wait by time of day, by day of the week, by type of visit, or by physician.


  •  Software installation & integration with EMRs
  •  Patient EMR records automatically loaded on computers in room when patient enters room*

Patient Satisfaction

A key aspect to a successful practice is patient satisfaction.

  •  FastTrack increases patient satisfaction by reducing wait times during a patient’s visit, from the minute the patient checks in and throughout the appointment, in-between staff and Doctor examinations.
  •  A more satisfied patient is a more likely referrer

Positive Economic Outputs

FastTrack enables the tracking of efficiencies at all levels of the practice. By increasing efficiencies it leads to greater output and flow.

  •  Monitoring and management of employee’s time
  •  Increased number of patients in flow leading to increased billables
  •  Increased patient retention due to increased satisfaction
  •  Increased number of referrals due to patient satisfaction
  •  Increased level of patient care

RFID Patient
Tracking Platform



Why FastTrack?

FastTrack can integrate any EMR system & it has the ability to integrate with HL7 interface to most EMR systems.

The setup process for FastTrack is quick and easy. A highly trained support team will do the installation & be there to continuously support you and your team. The hardware components are wireless and can be installed in one day. The software is cloud based and easily maintained.

FastTrack empowers the practice to increase the volume of patients that can be seen each day and to decrease wait times. The robust reporting gives you a birdseye view of all patient interfacing functions of the practice, enabling positive changes to be made quickly.


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